Cargo Insurance

Why buy a cargo insurance ?

The risk that something unexpected might happen the goods is big. Think ahead - let Nacora transport insurance bear the risk.

KEEP IN MIND: The goods during transportation are exposed to an environment they were not familiar with.

  • The goods may be damaged even if they are packed well, disappear in handling, go overboard in bad weather, be destroyed by fire and, in addition, goods can be severely delayed.

  • The freight forwarders statutory liability for its obligations is limited and the scope is different depending on the means of transport you use.

  • Freight forwarders liability (negligence) must be investigated and this can take time.

  • With a cargo insurance, the CUSTOMER   has no unpleasant surprise.

  • To insure the goods costs less than half percent of the total shipment - not to
    insure the goods can cost more than 100 percent.

  • TThe premium can be budgeted - the damages or losses cannot. You and your customer receive quick settlement from experienced staff.

What does it cost?

  • Normally the cost of a minimum premie is around 135 EUR. If the insurance is bought through Perryson Forwarding, the minimum premie will cost 40 EUR. Contact us for premium data beyond the minimum. (Minimum premium = product value up to 20,000 EUR).

  • Deductible: The Deductible is 275 EUR regardless claims.