Terms and Conditions

Liability rules
All transports are carried our in accordance with the CMR convention and NSAB. We apply NSAB 2000, detailed conditions can be sent on request.

Insurance of goods
Cargo insurance is not incuded in our prices but can be taken by Perryson on written request no later than 24 hours before loading. Handling fee will be added according to Perryson prevailing rates.

Receivable at Perryson Forwarding because of complaints or the like, shall not be offset against the shipping invoice but are treated separately.

Damage to goods
Damage to goods must be noted on the consigment note in delivery. Complains must be made in writing and addressed according to NSAB 2000.

Reservations should be sent to us by fax or email no later than the day before loading. Bookings are confirmed with the indication of loading date and estimated delivery date (ETA).

Load restraint
The one who loads our truck/container is responsible for handling the loading of goods according to SRA and other modes of transport regulations. The consignor shall load in such a way as to avoid damage to their own goods as well as on other trade goods owners who are on the same carriers. Dangerous goods shall be secured in accordance with provisions of the ADR,RID,IMDG. The driver is equipped with spanbelts in sufficient numbers to secure the load in accordance with regulations. If a proper lashing of cargo requires extra equipment (edge protection,timber,cleats etc) this shall be provided by the sender.

The loading-/unloading
It is the responsibilty of the sender/receiver accordning to the drivers instructions to load/unload the carrier, the driver shall provide the necessary assistance. The following free loading and unloading periods apply:

Weight Time
1 – 2499 kg 0,5 hour
2500 - 9999 kg 1 hour
10000 -14999 kg 1,5 hour
15000 > 2,0 hour

Waiting times in addition to free hours are billed under current Perryson Forwarding rate

Freight documents
Freight documents accompany the goods all the way and thus the sender shall submit a complete waybill to the driver (preferably CMR).

Dangerous goods
Dangerous goods must be notified at time of booking. All classes and codes must be included to allow for transportation planning. It requires ADR equipped trucks and ADR certified chauffeurs to transport ADR goods for all quantities. Fee for transporting dangerous goods are invoiced by current Perryson Forwarding rates. The required goods labels shall be provided by the sender.

Pallet exchange
Pallet exchange is not applicable in our traffics.

Penalty interest
Interest in late payments is billed for late payment. Interest rates are indicated in our invoices. Cost for the reminder and collection are billed together with penalty interest.

Shipping calculation rules
The freight is calculated on the gross weight of the goods, including the packing. Weight is rounded upwards to nearest 100kg. For bulky goods use the following conversion rules:

Volume calculation

Volume Weight
1 cubicmeter 333kg
1 loading meter 1850kg
1 EUR pallet 740kg

For length (6 m or longer) the minimum is 250kg per meter. Cargo safety may in some special cases requires more space than the measurments of the actual goods. The shipping cost is calculated when considering the total space required.

Maximum load per trailer
Maximum load per trailer is under normal conditions 25 tonnes.

Currency changes
Adjustments are made monthly in accordance with the attached key currency. The average exchange rate for each month are listed here.

Oil changes
Adjustments are made monthly in accordance with the attached key currency. The average exchanges for each month are listed here.

Our prices
Our prices assume free and unimpeded traffic and include all of the day known fees and taxes. During the term of new incremental state levies and taxes, these will be billed according to the outlay.

Proposed prices and contract terms for acceptance for 10 days. The accepted terms is valid with 10 days notice for mutual renegotiation / termination.